"It's the people at OxfordSM that make it so different. It's a great bunch of people, with an incredibly strong sense of team spirit. Everyone goes out of their way to be friendly and supportive, and no-one takes themselves too seriously. The collaborative way we work means that even though we're virtual there is a lot of interaction, and we're pretty good at the social side of things! All in all, it's a stimulating mix of fun and challenge, with the freedom to really be your self"

Robyn Stevens, joined 2005, formerly Global Innovation Manager at Cadbury

"I chose OxfordSM for 3 reasons. Firstly, there's an amazing client base with challenging projects to both leverage and broaden my experience and keep me engaged - no need to job-jump every 2 years!
Secondly, the opportunity to work with bright marketers who learn from each other to stay leading edge and value strategic rigour - back to my P&G roots!
Lastly, my desire to have work life balance - I like to work hard and play hard and this completely virtual, social and open-minded consultancy has delivered on that desire in spades. I can be a great mom to my 4 kids and build my marketing career at the same time."

Laurie Morgan, joined 2007, previously VP Marketing, McDonald's UK

"It's been a fresh challenge and got me back to working on real business issues. The variety and stretch of the work have been terrific and my learning curve has steepened dramatically. I've found myself working with a group of experienced, highly intelligent but very practical people - with huge desire to really make a difference for our clients. So it's lived up to expectations and more."

Simon Moore, joined 2000, previously European Marketing Director for P&G's Business to Business division

"Everyone is prepared to help and suggest solutions, however busy they may be, and everyone is genuinely interested in the best result for the client. This unrelenting focus on quality work delivered in a quality manner is what I believe separates OxfordSM from the rest."

Andrew Telford, formerly Business Group Leader at Unilever

"Bright people who are fun to work with and the fabulous client list, these were really attractive to me. There's real intellectual stretch, and rigour that's always grounded in business practicality. I have the chance to develop marketing capabilities as well as work on challenging strategic issues, which leads to very varied work. Home-working creates a very different culture and OxfordSM's strong values create genuinely powerful relationships."

Carol Garbutt, formerly Marketing Director at PepsiCo