• Challenging | Focus | Ground breaking | Rewarding | Principled | Supportive | Participative
  • They really chew and don't just lick the issues
    Human Resources Director
    From the beginning of the project they were focused on delivering results that the whole organization could buy into and act upon
    Marketing Director, UK leisure company
    I'm not aware of anyone else who is really talking about or able to tackle the complete picture
    European Marketing Director, media
    My people really like them because of the energy, drive, and they cut through the rubbish. They find them insightful in bringing new ideasCommercial Director, UK Plc financial services
    There's an integrity in the way they present themselves, there are no bullshitters compared with the competitors
    Marketing Director. FTSE 100
    They are huge fun to have around and I've always found them personally incredibly supportive. If I need support... I'd ring OxfordSM
    General Manager Marketing, Financial Services
    Your technique for moving things along in such a jovial and business-like manner was a joy to participate in
    Marketing Dir, Retail